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Safety-promoting work at schools and various youth organisations

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Teaching our young ones about finding the doctrine of identifying common denominators and understanding of different views of life based on facts.

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Conferences & shows

About human rights according to UN´s konventions and knowledge of identifying common denominators, across religious believes and preconceptions with respect for each others choices.

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Engage our young ones in protecting democracy by film production. 




Democratic Value work

Adapted to each category of usage such as kindergarten, primary school, middle school, secondary school, high school and various activity organisations for young people.

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Confirmation and Access

Confirmation and value of democracy and access to a worldwide network.


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Profiling material will bee given to all students.



Dealing with safety-promoting work among children and young people mainly through the doctrine of identifying common denominators and understanding of different life views and lifestyles based on facts as well as human rights work in accordance with UN conventions.

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At the moment our work is in sweden

We work in all of Sweden and if you need our services elsewhere please feel free to contact us and we will seek to help out.