Distansjobb och studier

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Hands over music-notes, a computer and a cup of coffe

In english further down. Distansjobb och studier med anledning av Covid-19 Många jobbar hemifrån eller har distansstudier med anledning av Covid-19. Det är delade meningar om beslutet med distansundervisning för…

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Dark background with a star in gold with text "Dare to Dream" next to it.

Wake up Madonna ended with a message to all of us. For peace? For the climate? For what you want it to stand for. For democracy to be threatened, did…

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The Green book

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Cover of the movie Green book.

The Green bookI am a fan of filmed truths and was invited to this tragicomic movie about differences, its impact on individual level and as such in society as well.…

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Cover of the movie Vice.

This week I was watching the movie Vice and I became frighteningly aware of what mad-power can do globally and how one individual with undemocratic values can affect a whole…

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Computer on a brown soffa next to a white blanket

Today we sit or rather half-stay at home in Kristina's sofa and work with AIKKIYA. We work with our educational material. We have looked at how lessons for high school…

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