It´s time to engage now

The responsibility for a democratic society lays in the citizen, as in you and me.

 We believe that a majority in the world want to cooperate against violent extremism, given the opportunity.

The individual wants to safeguard his/her lifestyle and must be given tools to help protect it, which is why the idea grew for the global organisation Aikkiya. 

The brand, the symbol Aikkiya has a disarming effect for people with religious beliefs and various lifestyles who want to live by democratic principles. It therefore becomes a tool that helps people focus on common denominators. 

The nonprofit association Aikkiya’s aim is to motivate and engage people globally at grassroots level through a digital platform and has two target groups;

  1. People who want to activate and engage in protecting democracy and human rights in their neighbourhood.
  2. Vulnerable people in need of moral support and hope.

When joining the association, you become a Citizen of Democracy for free and take an official stand for:

  • Respecting different views of life and lifestyles.
  • Standing united against all forms of violent extremism.
  • A majority in the world who both want and can cooperate across religious boundaries and pre-conceived opinions.
  • UN human rights conventions and the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

The association aims to recruit, support and encourage all Citizens of Democracy through correspondent and digital channels (website, social media and possibly an App) and projects such as music concerts/festivals with the goal of strengthening the civil courage. Citizens of Democracy dare to choose to see each other and interact.

Examples such as helping neighbours and strangers, defend democracy in debates and discussions and tear down barriers between people with

  • Food parties
  • Sports activities with neighbours and other people.
  • Celebratory gift collections for people less fortunate in an immediate area.
  • Animal rights.
  • Environmental activity.

For those who want to influence the nonprofit Aikkiya association, it can take the form of member associations in accordance with the association’s statutes.

Aikkiya Education and Certification aims to promote and support safety-promoting work in democratic societies, with a target group of children and young people, companies, municipalities and organisations working for human and democratic rights. Examples of this are:

  • School
  • Youth center
  • Sports clubs / Activity Compounds
  • Police organisations
  • Healthcare

All of the above are in need of tools, support and knowledge of different cultures and religions but above all understanding of the conditions that different people come from. The hallmark of Aikkiya Education & Certification is the Aikkiya Association and the symbol with its disarming and inviting effect. This creates a community that allows one to concentrate on common denominators.

Aikkiya Education & Certification partners with businesses and brings together specialists in various areas to arouse debate and commitment, but also knowledge of religious and cultural differences in democratic societies. Activities within these partnerships can include;

  • Debate Panel
  • Lectures
  • Education Compendium
  • School lesson; The student’s choice is offered to “Protect democracy by Vlogging” (Here we get digital material to promote the purpose of the Aikkiya Association).
  • Democracy work adapted for the school’s year-wheel

It should be in the interests of other democratic associations / organisations to adopt the Aikkiya brand as it defines a common path for organisations values around religion, culture and differences and thus becomes an asset for their respective activities, which should be promoted on all Aikkiya channels. Companies, municipalities and organisations certify with Aikkiya for an official position with human and democratic values in accordance with Aikkiya’s values and vision;

“A worldwide community with respect for each other’s choices regardless of religious beliefs, culture and / or other differences, united against all forms of violent extremism”

We are all citizens of the world

Let us respect each others choices