Democratic values work

Aikkiya believes that a well-founded foundation of values ​​leads to security, empathy, civil courage and an understanding of differences

Aikkiya has developed a material intended for use in the school. A foundation work that will start every academic year. Aikkiya follows the school for a whole academic year. We follow up and evaluate as well as propose updates in the foundation work.

Students, educators and guardians should participate in this work. Pupils will feel safe and custodians can feel safe sending their youngsters to school.

Educators included in the work receive a compendium where, together with the principal, they follow and carry out the foundation work. In the compendium, the educator can find exercises that fit the dilemma that is happening at their particular school and in the school’s classes / groups.

Teachers receive help and support in developing various exercises, they gain time and can thus devote themselves to planning and evaluation of their teaching.​

Aikkiya takes support from the UN conventions, the Swedish School Law and Curriculum Lgr 11. We focus on the importance of gaining an understanding of different views of life, lifestyles and human rights.



Educators work is facilitated

Educators can devote themselves to teaching



The educator can easily follow the work in the compendium


Conscious students

Students gain knowledge of the importance of everyone's equal value

App Development

For everyone's safety

Pupils and guardians feel safe


Yearly recurring work

The work can be entered into the annual calendar / year wheel


Help and support

School management can devote itself to educational leadership

Support your team with Aikkiya