Aikkiya is politically and religiously impartial


  • Defend basic democratic principles  across all political span’s
  • Bridge the difference gaps
  • Find common denominators on grassroots level
  • Strengthen the civil courage in society

(Democratic principles accordingly with UN´s conventions of Human Rights)

In the name of...

Religion has been accused for being causes of war and discord, but religion exists for reasons that can not be ignored. In december 2012 Pew research center religion and public life states in the report “Global Religious Landscape” that 84% of the 2010 worlds population are religious. Ultimately, it is the individual who decides what is important for its existence. Let us show that we respect each others choices.


Every individual must have the right to make their own choices, whether religiously, culturally, or have other reasons. No one should have to choose extremism to avoid alienation in a group. The background and opinions of minorities must be respected. We must counter such conscious misinterpretations and concepts taken out of context, which increase polarization further in society.

Worlds unrest

With all the world’s political unrest, religious war, exclusions, hostile reigns and regims, elections and poverty not to mention the extreme organisations spreading propaganda and growing stronger at all levels of our modern world. The list goes on and on. Mainly all attacks against innocent people, in fully functioning societies, creates and puts fear into people. The result is xenophobia, alienation, fear, devastation and in the long run, war. We need to unite against evil powers and show we have learned from history that we are a majority who wants to take responsibility for meaning & human rights in order to live in democratic societies. 


Aikkiya insist that a majority of the worlds population, wants peace and harmony. Live in security, solidarity , humanity and unity regardless of background, ancestry, religion and/or culture.

The language

Aikkiya is Tamil and means united or combined. Tamil is one of the world’s oldest surviving languages. Archaeological inscriptions have been found around the world whitin Hinduism, Christianity, Islam and Jainism. 74 million people around the globe speak tamil today, whereof 60 miljon resident in India.


  • The language represents Hinduism and Jainism
  • Star of David for Judaism
  • The cross represents all forms of Christianity
  • Crescent moon and star represent all forms of Islam
  • Yin and Yang represent Taoism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Balance and Harmony
  • The heart is the largest and represents other Minorities, Community and Peace
  • Rainbow colors for other lifestyles and life views

Let us show the world we want peace, freedom, unity and safety