Movement Against
Tyranny for Democracy

Through Individual Responsibility for Meaning, Purpose & Human Rights

A respectful non- partisan and non religious movement

With a uniting brand cross-border religion, gender, race, cultural and sexual orientation, for all who wants to take individual responsibility to find meaning & purpose in life and as such for human rights, and stand united against all forms of violent extremism and for democracy.

4 Core Values

  • Respect different conceptions of life and lifestyles
  • Stand united against all forms of violent extremism
  • Cooperate across religious boundaries and pre-conceived opinions
  • Recognise United Nation’s Human Rights Convention

Aikkiya Vision

A worldwide community to show the force of diversity together!

Aikkiya Purpose

  • Defend basic democratic principles  across all political span’s
  • Bridge the difference gaps
  • Find common denominators on grassroots level
  • Strengthen the civil courage in society

(Democratic principles accordingly with UN´s conventions of Human Rights)

Democracy needs support

Let us Show that we are a Majority who want Peace, Freedom, Unity and Safety