Protect Democracy on Grassroots level

Politically and Religiously Impartial, is about Focusing on Common Denominators Despite differences to Protect Democracy on Grassroots level in accordance with Human Rights Conventions.

Let us Show the Force of Diversity Together

When joining the NGO Aikkiya officially you are a “Citizen of Democracy” and take an official stand for:

  • Respecting different conceptions of life and lifestyles
  • Standing united against all forms of violent extremism
  • A majority in the world who both want and can cooperate across religious boundaries and pre-conceived opinions
  • UN: s human rights conventions and the Convention on the Rights of the Child


A worldwide community with respect for each other’s choices regardless of religious believes, culture and or other differences. United against all forms of violent extremism!

Democracy needs support

Let us Show that we are a Majority who want Peace, Freedom, Unity and Safety